We are excited about the partnership between CenturyLink and Alcatel Lucent. We are awarding CenturyLink Account Mangers and Sales Engineers for the sell of all 7750, 1830 and 7210 deals!

The process is simple! To register, click on the enroll tab above and follow the instructions. Once your enrollment is complete, you are ready to begin submitted your claims and earning your rewards!

Rewards will be sent on a personalized Visa card on a monthly basis once all claims are validated. To view your account status, you can log in to your account 24/7 and click on the My Account tab.

Bring Your Big Gigs to ALU and start receiving rewards today!

ALU is best at large (10Gb-400Gb) enterprise applications

We are targeting Large Enterprise, Healthcare, Financial Services, State, Local, and Fed Gov, and other large bandwidth customers. 

ALU has a full networking product portfolio to address even the most demanding customers unique sets of network requirements. 

The bigger the pipe, the bigger the payout for CTL sales reps and system engineers!